The ACNC advises that this page contains images or names of people who are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

ACNC 2018 Conference
Mercure Hotel
9-10 March 2018
Keynote speaker: Jeroen Hendriks
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ACNC 2017 Conference
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
10-11 March 2017
Keynote speaker: Tiny Jaarsma
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2015 Sydney Crowne Plaza Conference
Keynote speakers: Professor Sabina De Geest, Professor Patricia Davidson
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2014 Gold Coast Conference - Young at Heart
Keynote speaker: Professor Yoshimi Fukuoka

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2013 Auckland, New Zealand,  Working Together
Keynote Speakers: Professor Kathy Dracup; Professor Jenny Carryer

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2012 Crowne Plaza Sydney, The Ageing Heart
Keynote Speakers: Professor Alex Clarke;  Professor Virginia Carrieri-Kohlman

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2011 Sebel Hotel,  Melbourne - Hearts and Minds
Keynote speakers: Professor David Thompson; Dr David Hare

2010 Royal on the Park, Brisbane - Cardiovascular Nursing- Prevent, Educate, Treat
Keynote Speaker: Professor Martha Hill

2009 Crowne Plaza, Sydney - Cardiovascular Nursing: The Heart of Cardiac Care
Keynote Speakers: Dr Rosemary Bryant;  Professor Chris Semsarian

2008 Sebel Hotel, Melbourne - Advancing Cardiovascular Nursing While Improving Patient Outcomes
Keynote Speakers: Professor Kathy Dracup;  Professor Barbara Riegel

2007 Watermark Hotel, Gold Coast - Cardiovascular Nursing : A New Horizon
Keynote Speakers: Professor David Thompson;  Professor Cheryl Dennison